Wusthof Classic Gourmet 3-Piece Knife Set

Wusthof Classic Gourmet 3-Piece Knife Set

Wusthof Classic Gourmet 3-Piece Knife Set

Is your wrist being over worked by forcing your old worn out and dull chef knives to cut? That rings true with so many. There’s no reason why you should be suffering from hand and wrist fatigue from cutting or chopping fruits and vegetables. How many times have you been at a restaurant or seen meals prepared on television and thought to yourself, I want to prepare food that looks like that. Stop blaming yourself for dishes that don’t look as good as the pros. It is not your fault, your knives are to blame.

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Without a set of sturdy sharp quality made chef’s knives, you aren’t going to prepare the meals you want to be proud of. It does make a difference. Once you have the Wusthof Classic Gourmet 3-Piece Knife Set in your hands, you will never want to let them go. You will wonder what you ever did without them.

This 3-piece professional chef knife set is the perfect set to have. You will be able to dice, slice, carve, pare, core and chop like any professional cook or chef. This trio is a must have for any kitchen. With just these three chef’s knives, you can replace all of your other knives.

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Wusthof Classic Gourmet 3-Piece Knife Set offers:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stainless-steel blade
  • Traditional handle style
  • Exceptionally sharp

These Wusthof chef’s knives will cut your food preparation time in half. That will give you extra time to actually enjoy the meal you have prepared. This knife set includes an 8-inch cooks knife, a 3.5 inch paring knife and a 6-inch sandwich knife.

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Tyler bought this chef’s knife set for himself as a gift after graduating culinary school. The chef’s at the institute where he studied, used these chef’s knives and that was testimony enough for him. Now that he has owned his chef knife set for a year and uses them every day, he knows he made the right decision and plans on adding to his set. (More Reviews)

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