Kyocera Revolution Series 7-Inch Professional Chef’s Knife

Kyocera Revolution Series 7-Inch Professional Chef's Knife

Kyocera Revolution Series 7-Inch Professional Chef's Knife

Everyone would like to save time in the kitchen preparing meals. Most of us don’t realize that you can do just that with the right utensils. A good sharp knife is a great asset and is much more efficient than a knife with a dull blade. Using the right knife will cut your food preparation time in half.

The Revolution Series 7-Inch Professional Chef’s Knife by Kyocera is truly a work of art. This knife has a special ceramic blade and easy grip resin handle. The ceramic slices through fruits, vegetables and meats like butter.

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Unlike steel bladed knives, the ceramic tip blades will not rust or leave a metallic taste on foods. The ceramic tip is also resistant to any corrosion due to cutting acidic fruits and vegetables. Ceramic blades are known to outlast the typical steel blade, and that will surely save you money in the long run on replacements.

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Kyocera Revolution Series 7-Inch Professional Chef’s Knife offers:

  • Lightweight
  • Rust resistant
  • 7-inch blade
  • Engineered to reduce wrist fatigue

All knives grow dull eventually, and will need to be sharpened. A ceramic blade requires a special diamond wheel sharpener. These sharpeners can be purchased so you can sharpen your own knives at home. If purchasing a sharpener for these knives does not appeal to you, the Kyocera Corporation also offers free sharpening. All you have to do is send your knives to them, and they will return them to you as sharp as they were the day that you got them.

This Chef’s Knife is 0.8 x 1.9 x 1 inches and weighs approximately 3.4 ounces. This knife is lightweight and provides precision and control. You simply can’t go wrong with this Revolution Series Chef’s Knife.

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Carol received this 7-inch Chef’s Knife as a gift from her daughter. She says having this Chef’s Knife has rekindled her love affair with cooking. Taking away the labor intensive chore of cutting, slicing and chopping has her creating delicious meals in the kitchen again. Her family is very pleased as well.
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